How do I find the right Therapist?

Finding the right therapist

Finding the right therapist can be a bit of a scary process for some, that’s totally understandable. It takes time to build a strong trust relationship with your therapist but there are some simple things to look out for in the early stages….

Here are some things to look out for…… Your therapist should:

  • Help you feel like your voice is important, and that you are important.
  • Help you feel safe – both emotionally and physically. That means that you don’t feel judged but supported and valued.
  • You have confidence that your personal information is being kept confidential and private (within legal requirements).
  • Help you feel confident in their level of expertise, knowledge and qualifications.
  • Help you feel understood and heard.
  • Help you feel challenged to grow and change in a positive and achievable way. This means they are arming you with practical skills and techniques to help you achieve your goals.
  • Never push you to talk about anything you are uncomfortable talking about at that time.
  • Never push their own opinions or agenda onto you. Your goals take priority.

If any of these things are missing it might first be worth discussing the issue with your therapist before moving onto another. If during that process of discussing your needs you don’t feel heard or understood, thats a sure sign you might need to take the valuable step of finding a better fit.